Young Adult Psychotherapy

Young adulthood is a period of oscillation between the worlds of the child and the adult, as well as a time of identity exploration and consolidation. The transition to maturity and adulthood is an extremely difficult period in almost everybody’s life. Many times guidance is helpful in negotiating these confusing transitions.

This is also a period when there can be great strife between children and their parents. Both parents and children are intimately involved in the dance towards adulthood and maturity, and a lot can go wrong negotiating the myriad issues that present themselves in this developmental period. Confusion and conflict about separation, individuation, attachment and money are very prevalent. These conflicts often lead to problems like anxiety, depression, drug use, relationship failures, self-image issues, and financial and career crisis.

Dr. Krakow is extremely experienced at helping both young adults and their parents navigate through this difficult period to becoming happy, successful well-adjusted adults. With both the professional qualifications, including certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry and in Addiction Psychiatry, and extensive private practice experience, he is expert at integrating the psychological, developmental and biological aspects of a unique person and situation, and coming up with a comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment plan. He also does a great deal of work with both the young adult and their parents in joint treatment, which many times is an absolute necessity to get the job done.

Dr. Krakow understands that every patient has a unique set of personal life circumstances that are not easily categorized and, therefore, he begins treatment by performing a comprehensive evaluation at the initial consultation. He then uses a fluid combination of techniques in order to guide a patient to an awareness of the source issues and teaches them how to live a complete, satisfying life.

Dr. Krakow sees individuals on referral from various sources including other patients, psychologists, medical doctors and social workers. He does not accept private insurance or HMO assignments.

To contact Dr. Krakow, email: or call 212.726.9810.