Women's Health Issues

Dr. Cueva is experienced at working with adult and adolescent females to resolve such health issues as eating disorders, body image problems, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMS/PMDD), post-partum depression and menopause. Using both therapy and, where appropriate, medication, Dr. Cueva helps her patients to recognize, address and resolve these disturbances.

Many such disorders are exacerbated by the natural rhythms in a woman’s lifecycle—menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Often, elevated levels of stress, depression and anxiety accompany these milestones, along with a decrease in self-esteem.

During the last three decades, women’s participation in the paid labor force has expanded dramatically, with one of the most striking increases among those with young children. Researchers have been investigating the impact of this social change on women's wellbeing and that of their families, including the effects of childcare and maternal employment on children. Another rapidly growing area of study examines the effects of women’s multiple roles on their own physical and mental health.

For Dr. Cueva, familiarity with situational factors that contribute to job and family role quality is key to effecting patients’ optimal mental health. Another is identifying individual differences that either facilitate or impede the process of coping with multiple roles. Which women, under what circumstances, derive which psychological benefits and/or disadvantages from the roles in their lives? This is only one of the questions considered by Dr. Cueva in helping women negotiate the pressures and anxieties of coping with multiple roles.

From the delicate practicalities of everyday life to the complexities of dysphoria, Dr. Cueva helps women protect and enhance their mental health.

To contact Dr. Cueva, email: drcueva@drcueva.com or call 212.685.5373, 914.385.0200 X 11.