Forensic Expertise

Jeanette E. Cueva and David Sert Krakow office

Dr. Jeanette E. Cueva and Dr. David S. Krakow are available to provide Forensic Evaluations on a diverse range of psychiatric issues. Dr. Cueva is an expert in PTSD and Pervasive Development Disorders including Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Dr. Krakow specializes in the areas of Adult Substance Abuse and Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

As Forensic Consultants, Dr. Cueva and Dr. Krakow are equipped to advise, strategize and guide lawyers in understanding the psychological environment of cases where emotional damage or mental conditions are at issue, and, subsequently, in formulating their civil and/or criminal cases. They are also available to assist in the selection of other appropriate experts and juries, and in the preparation of declarations.

As expert witnesses, Dr. Cueva and Dr. Krakow will review and evaluate all pertinent records, conduct psychiatric interviews, and draft written reports with diagnoses, opinions and medical conclusions. They can, if so directed, prepare and organize the production of demonstrative evidence, and, ultimately, provide expert testimony at deposition and trial.

Both psychiatrists draw upon their extensive experience derived from their private psychotherapeutic practices, in addition to in-depth knowledge and keen insight resulting from multiple hospital and clinical assignments and academic appointments. They have worked with both defense and plaintiff lawyers for over a decade.

A forensic psychiatrist’s expertise is regularly put to use in criminal matters. However, Dr. Cueva and Dr. Krakow can also assist in a wide variety of civil matters. These may include, but are not limited to, family law cases, lawsuits or insurance claims where emotional suffering, determination of competency, or the circumstances surrounding a death are at issue, or in virtually any case involving drugs and alcohol.

For more details on Dr. Cueva and Dr. Krakow’s areas of expertise and for their contact information, please access the pages listed below.

Pervasive Development Disorders and PTSD:
Dr. Jeanette E. Cueva

Adult Substance Abuse, Mood and Anxiety Disorders:
Dr. David Sert Krakow