Couple's Therapy

Dr. Krakow is a psychiatrist who is a skillful and experienced couple’s therapist with a long history of helping partners—including those married or unmarried, heterosexual or gay—to heal sources of discord by developing constructive, healthy patterns of conflict resolution, and increasing the shared meaning, goals and values in their relationships.

Jeanette E. Cueva and David Sert Krakow office

While we all depend on our intimate relationships for happiness, comfort and a sense of home, almost every couple experiences difficulties at one time or another. Tensions arise because of natural developmental shifts in a relationship, including external circumstances such as job loss, illness or conflict within the family. Complex personality factors and illness within one or both partners can also play a role. Stress is inevitable, and the amount and/or duration may affect a relationship adversely.

Oftentimes couples are able to work through these issues on their own. However, when partners are unable to resolve matters in a way that is acceptable to both, professional help should be sought. Regrettably, many couples consider therapy only as a last resort. The fact is, it may be helpful at any time, and seeking advice from a trained professional sooner, rather than later, can prevent a build-up of frustration, disappointment, resentment and the possible end of the relationship.

Dr. Krakow is a physician and trained clinician with specialty certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry. These qualifications, combined with his post-doctoral training, research activities and broad experience acquired through academic appointments and hospital and clinical appointments, have afforded him keen insight into the complex dynamics of relationships.

Dr. Krakow focuses on both a couple’s relationship conflicts as well as each individual’s symptoms and problems, and how they may contribute to discord in the relationship. He is knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate at helping partners identify the conflict issues within their relationship, and in determining what changes are needed—in the relationship and in the behavior of each partner—for both individuals to be fulfilled in a strong and joyful relationship.

To contact Dr. Krakow, email: or call 212.726.9810.