Adult Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology

Dr. Krakow is an experienced psychopharmacologist and psychotherapist committed to improving the mental health of his patients. He specializes in treating adults undergoing emotional and/or psychological problems resulting from such conditions as Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Substance Use Disorders.

Jeanette E. Cueva and David Sert Krakow office

Dr. Krakow’s professional orientation and extensive training in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology allow him to incorporate an eclectic set of therapeutic approaches in his private practice. These particular therapeutic treatments have been demonstrated to be among the most effective for the range of concerns typically addressed by Dr. Krakow.

The resultant treatment is highly interactive, skillfully tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Dr. Krakow’s ultimate goal is to improve his patient’s mental health and quality of life. His approach, after a comprehensive evaluation, is to define the underlying problems, help the patient articulate their own goals, determine what obstacles are preventing the accomplishment of those goals, and, then, to facilitate the patient’s success in realizing their goals. Dr. Krakow uses a fluid combination of techniques to optimize his patients’ mental health. His treatment may include a combination of psychotherapy and prescription medication when indicated.

Dr. Krakow is also available for medication management—independent of psychotherapy. If a patient is presently in therapy with another clinician, such as a psychologist or social worker, Dr. Krakow enjoys working as a team member in concert with the treating therapist. He will confer with the patient’s referring clinician in order to determine the appropriateness of medication, prescribe the appropriate medications, and monitor their application throughout the period of treatment.

To contact Dr. Krakow, email: or call 212.726.9810.